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Because we know that London has changed (just as the world evolves, as it always has) we wish to highlight the best of things that have not changed – and perhaps reveal welcome changes that have brought about new delights.  And because we know what quality service means when it comes to London’s bars and because we have tested these four amazing and very high-quality service bars in London, we would like to suggest and recommend that you choose one or more Dazzling Ladies to accompany you while unwinding and enjoying genuine quality.  Indeed, the quality and refinement of our Dazzling Ladies are the perfect accompaniment to any of these locales.  

London can be a very frenetic city and we know the struggles and frustrations that can arise when trying to find that top quality place matching the mood for a special evening. But let Dazzling Partners assist you in avoiding those sinking feelings of disappointment and frustration. In particular, let us help you not only chose the perfect luxury London escort to enhance your experience but also recommend four delightful London bars that we anticipate will never let you down and make you happy to return to time and time again.

At Dazzling Partners, we endeavour to direct our clients away from the pretentious, posh, crowded, inaudible places and strongly suggest that you go to places where you and your Dazzling Lady will be able to make the most of your time together. Good conversation, a gentle and genuine smile, an anticipatory and knowing touch and visceral eye contact – these are the things hard to experience between you and your Dazzling Lady in the loud and mad places that have made their reputations for things other than sensual places for couples (or more) to enjoy each other.  The stage should enhance the performance – not overpower it and strive to compete for attention! Our Dazzling Clients and our Dazzling Ladies are the stars of our world and we encourage rising above the common crowds and mediocrity in order to experience the truly worthwhile. That approach is reflected in each of our Dazzling Ladies and which is why we strive to help to entertain our Dazzling Clients in the most special of ways, We want your Dazzling Partners experience with one of our elite London escorts to leave you feeling exceptional, happy, free, respected, satiated and well-treated. Even though we have awarded the bars below with various medals, in our opinion all of them are winners – we just award them medals based on our current mood at the moment and the order of preference could change quickly depending upon our changing mood!

Gold medal award for the Connaught bar

Eva has often met the Dazzling Ladies (but only one at a time, please, to give each one her full attention – as each Dazzling Lady deserves) at the Connaught bar.

Why do we consider it to be the best bar in London? Simply said, we like the professional and polite staff. After all, if a gin and tonic can be obtained anywhere then it is the serving staff that sets the drink apart from the mundane.  We do not like pretentious stuffiness. We dislike mediocrity. But we just love polite discretion and expertise, and because we find that at the Connaught we applauded them and recommend them in first place for their clean, wonderful experience, good manners and refined behaviour and the freedom they give to the civilized to enjoy themselves in excellent surroundings.

Our favourite drink at the Connaught? Krug Grande Cuvée 169th Edition

Or, the Cloud Nine cocktail; Michter’s Bourbon, Orange Cocchi Americano, Pistachio, Raspberry, Miraculous Foamer.

The plus? In the unlikely event you want a change of scenery, it is easy to steal away from it and find a hidden table in the Coburg bar instead…

The silver medal for the Nickel bar at The Ned

This is a vibrant bar – if you wish to feel a highly galvanizing atmosphere at the start of your dinner date. We love the wide spaces of the Ned bar as it is a civilized area to enjoy the presence of your gorgeous Dazzling Lady – an add-on to entertain your brain as part of your fine liaison. 

The juice we recommend: Green Kale, apple, cucumber, celery, ginger, pineapple, lemon, spinach, parsley

The bronze medal for the Waeska bar at the Mandrake

It is full of strange, decorative and interesting objects and curious beverages and it is quiet – at least until the live DJ comes every Friday and Saturday. We enjoy the very special atmosphere full of special sounds and tastes. And if you wish to escape the DJ, you can remain happily at the bar or at one of the quiet tables close to the bar. We and the Dazzling Ladies love this bar.

The cocktail we recommend: The very first one that is often on the list and revisited is a perfect combination of tastes – named the Oshun. Here is the recipe: Bombay Sapphire Gin infused Gynostemma herb, Yuzu Sake, Basil, Sudachi Sherbet & Champagne. (We think the addition of basil was inspired!)

One more medal for the Artesian bar at the Langham Hotel

Simplicity is reflected over there. The tables are at discrete distances from each other and the ambience is relaxed and civilized. We insist on frequenting only civilized places and very refined atmospheres and the Artesian fits the bill. London is our playground and that is why we watch where we put our feet. And life is short and options are many, so in that way, we have no single regret. And that is also why we offer our Dazzling Clients the opportunity to meet our Dazzling Ladies in order to be delighted, impressed and happily surprised.  Take a Dazzling Lady to the Artesian bar and see what we mean!

The drink we love: The non-alcoholic Stoicism Spritz with Elderflower, white Aercorn Dry, London Essence peach, Jasmine soda and no Lillet. If you want the alcoholic version you may have a splash of Lillet…

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