The Explorer of Sensual Mysteries

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Age: 35
Height: 5’5’’ – 1.67m
Dress Size: UK Size 8 – EU Size 36 – US Size 4
Hair Colour: Dark Blonde
Eye Colour: Brown
Nationality: European 
Occupation: Data scientist & tantric masseuse 
Languages Spoken: English, Russian, Spanish


The beautiful Tais is a talented practitioner of the tantric arts, a dancer and a researcher. Tais is a highly sensual, intelligent, and erotic woman.
This beautiful lady combines being down to earth and being a day dreamer. With a scientific background, this young beauty is always willing to explore more than what the earth has to offer. 
We strongly recommend that you sample an escape with Tais to discover more about her sexual skills that will land upon you like a delightful shooting star you can’t get your eyes (or body) off.
“My biggest passion is to have you uncover your multi-dimensional erotic self, so let’s create powerful erotic experiences together. I love to play a role of a highly intuitive, sensitive and powerful channeler that helps you (and me) access your heights and depths. In doing that I’ll be at times sweet, gentle, kind and at times firm and intense.”


Orientation: Bi-curious

Vital Stats: 34B Natural

Lingerie designer(s): Agent Provocateur, Studio Pia

Shoe designer(s): Louboutin

Alternative Gifts Idea: Great Theatre shows, Perfume, Jewellery

Food Mood: Salads

Drinks: Fresh juices, Fine White & Red Wine

Tais is so obviously attractive and loves foreplay, play and sharing quality and intensely delicious time with the finest suitors. How wonderful! How mysterious! How sensual!
Tais lets you know that busy men and women can feel sensually and discreetly loved and spoilt by such a talented high-class escort through a range of new experiences and sensory stimulations including massage, fantasy play, pleasurable touch, site, smell, hearing and taste… how exciting does that sound? Thrilling, isn’t it?
“My hobbies include dancing, enjoying arts (architecture, dance, theatre, sculpture, paintings), reading popular science and historical novels, off-piste snowboarding, swimming, cycling, permaculture.”
Tais is truly an extraordinary high-level sexual package … let yourself surrender and go for a great escape with Tais…

Tais's Indulgences

*Please be aware that the Lady’s taxi expenses should kindly be reimbursed.


What is your occupation? What do you enjoy doing the most?I am a sexual educator. I enjoy bringing out people’s aliveness, finding most amazing and unexpected expressions of our erotic force.

What is your mega fantasy? Tantric sex with ecstatic union on multiple energetic levels leading to alternate states of consciousness and discovery of the universal mysteries.

Your star sign? Leo.

What brought you to Dazzling Partners (to the entertainment business)?My highly erotic nature and an inexaustible interest in human sexual expression.

Your date wants to bring you on a long romantic holiday weekend and you can choose the destination, which one do you pick? Papua New Guinea

Ski resort or beach resort?Both.

What is your favourite book?

“Men’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl.

Favourite quote? Dum Spiro Spero

If you could have sex anywhere in the world, right now, where would it be?Moscow.

You have the choice to be an iconic sexy female figure for one day until midnight. Which beauty would you be? Tais of Athens..

What makes you a Rockstar in your escort activity? In what particular field do you excel?Explorations of the Erotic Mind.

Favourite car model? Porsche.

What could be the perfect reason why a gentleman would be very lucky to have chosen to date you?

He loves to explore intricate connections between his mind, his emotions and his sexual power.

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