Germanic Blonde Beauty

Outcalls in London
Minumum 6-Hr liaison in London
Travels from Geneva
Available Internationally ✈︎

Advance bookings preferred.
Age: 25
Height: 5’3″ – 1.62m
Dress Size: EU size 34 – UK size 6
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Nationality: German
Occupation: Financial advisor
Languages Spoken: English, German, Italian (basic conversational) and French


Viola is a wild, sensual beauty with a strong, Germanic DNA.  Let us try to describe this beautiful and elegant Lady and give you just a taste of her for you.

“I am indeed a wild – and most of all classy – kitten.  I am extremely sensual, genuine and the thrills I experience and deliver are truly genuine.”

Our Viola is incredibly witty and very calmly energetic. What a delightful balance – and a conundrum for you – enjoy her wittiness or her sensuality – or better yet, both!  Bewitched? You just might be… 

Viola loves creating – she is a lustful lover and an experiencer….

A spontaneous love find made in Germany with a French touch is now in London and available to you.  A delightful offering that will get your heart racing and make you hunger for more.  

Viola loves creating, experiencing and being spontaneous. “I make my life the most pleasurable as possible… Come and see me… All my hobbies are part of my day to day life – isn’t it chic?  And yet  experiencing all the beauty and sensuality of this world is what I strive for…”

We suggest that you will need to ask to see this lustful lady well in advance as Viola is very committed to her business life. This joyful and sexual beauty will make your head swim (and make you want to dive into her charms) as she is very, very special…


Orientation: Bisexual

Vital Stats: 70C Enhanced

Lingerie designer(s): Agent P, Sian Hoffman

Shoe designer(s): Gucci

Alternative Gifts Idea: Candles and Bath Oils
Food Mood: Asian, Meat, Italian – Likes Everything but Avoids Gluten

Drinks: Gin and Tonic

Viola's Indulgences

*Please be aware that the Lady’s taxi expenses should kindly be reimbursed.


What is your activity? I work in finance.

What is your mega fantasy? Men…and ladies…

Your star sign? Scorpio.

What brought you to Dazzling Partners (to the entertainment business)? (a) Pleasure (b) I like to pamper and be pampered

Your date wants to bring you on a long romantic holiday weekend and you can choose the destination, which one do you pick? Malta or Asia.

Ski resort or beach resort? I like both!

What is your favourite book? I like all sorts of research and philosophy books.

Favourite quote? Listen to the Wind

If you could have sex anywhere in the world, right now, where would it be? In a white fluffy bed with champagne and strawberries on me.

You have the choice to be an iconic sexy female figure for one day until midnight. Which beauty would you be? Myself!

What makes you a Rockstar in your escort activity? In what particular field do you excel? I’m open-minded, I’m very good at giving a naughty GF experience, I’m not a fan of short dates or quicky A-levels – I like to build things up and then go on for.

Favourite car model? Porsche 911.

What could be the perfect reason why a gentleman would be very lucky to have chosen to date you? I like to have a good time putting a smile on someone’s face and on mine also!

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