Enhancing Your Sensual Experience

Honestly, who does not wish to explore ways of making their sensual experience better?

One of the benefits of meeting one of our Dazzling Ladies is that their experience and sensuality can help lead you down the path of greater excitement and satisfaction. Read on for some of our Dazzling Ladies’ top tips regardless of whether you are looking for London escorts, international escorts or those who operate worldwide.


Just like any activity, proper preparation will only serve to enhance your experience with one of our Dazzling Ladies.

First, look forward to the experience. If it is your first time, be confident knowing that our Dazzling Ladies are kind and welcoming and will ensure that your time is delightful and enjoyable. Put your nerves aside and be confident that a wonderful experience awaits you.

Next, make sure that you are presenting yourself in the same way that your Dazzling Lady will meet you. Freshly showered, appropriate clothes (black tie not mandatory except for black tie events!), fresh breath (and use the floss and toothbrush – popping a mint at the last minute isn’t going to do it) and well-groomed and you’re ready to go.

Next, avoid booze and other substances. No one’s performance is ever enhanced by too much drink. It is a mistake to think that your experience will be enhanced by being under the influence. A drink or two with your Dazzling Lady might be a great social icebreaker, but arriving to meet your wonderful companion when you are drunk or worse will only result in a quick and premature end to your date and missing out on what otherwise would have been an extraordinary experience.


When you meet, make eye contact with your Dazzling Lady. Be relaxed. Engage.

Be happy to be polite and gentile – matching the reception by your Dazzling Lady.

Be discrete – if in public act appropriately to the circumstances. Exhibit the same level of consideration to your Dazzling Lady that she is happy to give you.

Listen – take a genuine interest in what your Dazzling Lady says. Have a conversation. Get to know your Dazzling Lady just a bit. It will enhance your experience. We promise.


We’re not suggesting that your should approach your experience like an Olympian, but take a page out of their book. Do you want a sprint or a marathon?  Sprints end quickly (and our Dazzling Ladies prefer to not sprint) whereas marathons take you on a further journey over a longer period of time (use all the time you have booked with your Dazzling Lady!). And marathon runners don’t start the race by dashing – they begin at a good pace and then get into the rhythm. Good advice.

Too much drink is a killer to any Dazzling experience. When was the last time you saw a drunk and were impressed (and if drunks impress you, then you wouldn’t be here as a Dazzling client)?  A social drink can be delightful. But know your limits and stop drinking before you get close to them.

Don’t rush. Your experience with your Dazzling Lady is going to be amazing. Don’t be frenetic. Let it unfold naturally.


Be accepting of the kindness and hospitality of your Dazzling Lady. You are engaging in a wonderful experience. Be happy accepting it.

When dining in a fine restaurant, it is always good advice to take the chef’s recommendations. If the chef recommends the special, then why not try it? If the chef suggests that an item you might otherwise have wished to order might not be the best choice, then accept the chef’s suggestion. If your Dazzling Lady suggests something for you, then why not take her advice?

By being a gentleman (or, a lady), you take things as they come. Accept the flow of your encounter with your Dazzling Lady and allow yourself to enjoy the entirety of the experience.


We’ve saved the best recommendation for last. Congratulations on getting here. Communication is the key to your Dazzling Experience.

Communicate when you set up your Dazzling Experience. Be clear regarding your hopes and expectations. Never hesitate to tell us what you desire. If you wish for a quiet night in front of a fireplace, tell us. If you want a night on the town moving to the bass pumped out by a skilful DJ, tell us and we will ensure our high class escorts offer the best possible experience. If you wish to have all your time engaged in the boudoir, tell us. If you have any special interests, tell us that too. The worst that will happen is that we will tell you that something may not be available – but we will suggest alternatives that you may find are even better!

Communicate with your Dazzling Lady. Tell her what you like and don’t like. Our Dazzling Ladies are exceptionally open and understanding. If you communicate with them regarding what you like, you will likely be happily surprised.

Let your Dazzling Lady communicate with you. Listen. If the Dazzling Lady suggests something, then try it if you agree. If the Dazzling Lady suggests something as an alternative, try it. Allow guidance to be given by an expert.

Listen, communicate and engage.
Your Dazzling Experience will be amazing.

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