Sensual Señorita…

Outcalls in London

Available internationally ✈︎

Age: Early 20’s
Height: 5’4″ – 1.65m
Dress Size: UK size 6 – EU size 34 – US size 2
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Nationality: Spanish
Occupation: Student
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish


“I’m fun, intelligent, have a great sense of humour, very nice body and shape and am an easy-going person.”

Victoria is in her mid-twenties, a Spanish origins, wise earlier than her age would suggest, passionate and very open to having luxurious experiences with our fine, Dazzling Clients.

When we saw Victoria, we perceived exterior calmness but with sensuality exploding from the inside. Victoria is very smart and exudes a very special kind of attraction. She could spring from the pages of a Cervantes novel and could very well be the kind of beautiful and enticing women depicted in his novels, Victoria is well educated and truly radiates a very special sexual energy. She is definitely not shy – and is clearly beautiful and gorgeous!

She previously used to raise the heat in Ibiza’s most elegant areas. Victoria knows what “high class” means because she comes from a high class and highly-educated background herself. She has seen the world and that is discreetly obvious from her attractive energy. Just have a look at her photos and linger on her beauty as a prelude to experiencing her in person.

Victoria also leads a remarkably healthy lifestyle in London – perhaps another source of her energy. She has a friendly and positive attitude that combined with everything else can entice you to experience unforgettable moments.


Victoria's Stats

Orientation: Bisexual
Vital Stats: Bra cup and size 34C, natural
Lingerie designer(s): Victoria’s Secret
Shoe designer(s): Louboutin
Alternative Gifts Idea: Bag
Food Mood: Modern, Asian, Mediterranean
Drinks: Champagne, White Wine

Victoria's Indulgences

*Please be aware that the Lady’s taxi expenses should kindly be reimbursed.


What is your occupation? Student in Classic English Literature.

What is your mega fantasy? A highly sexual shower with a very special and sexually-driven gentleman.

Your star sign? Leo.

What brought you to Dazzling Partners (to the entertainment business)? #Twitter.

Your date wants to bring you on a long romantic holiday weekend and you can choose the destination, which one do you pick? The Bahamas.

Ski resort or beach resort? Beach 

What is your favourite book? The Metamorphosis by Kafka

Favourite quote? “I know that I know nothing”, Socrates.

If you could have sex anywhere in the world, right now, where would it be? Rooftop in NY.

You have the choice to be an iconic sexy female figure for one day until midnight. Which beauty would you be? Bella Hadid.

What makes you a Rockstar in your escort activity? In what particular field do you excel? I am a wonder – come find me.

Favourite car model? Mercedes-Benz.

What could be the perfect reason why a gentleman would be very lucky to have chosen to date you? ? I’m funny, intelligent, have a great sense of humour, very nice body and shape and am an easy-going person.

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