Ethics & integrity

Dazzling Partners is all about ethics and integrity – but what does that mean for you?
      ◦     If a Dazzling Client inquires about a Lady, we will always do our best to connect you to that Lady.  We will never try to divert you to another Lady unless you ask or unless we have checked and the Lady you request is truly unavailable.
      ◦     We fully inform all of our Dazzling Clients of the experience they can expect from a  Dazzling Lady.  So no unhappy surprises – just happy ones!
      ◦     We work hard for our Clients and our Ladies from beginning to end.  We promise to go the extra mile – especially on fly-me-to-you liaisons.
      ◦     We will ethically advertise with ethical international and London escort directories and partners.  If there is a high profile international or London escort directory that fails to meet our ethical standards (and, sadly, there are some who want to steer traffic to certain agencies because they have a hidden financial interest in doing so), we won’t list with them.  Period.
      ◦     The photos of the Dazzling Ladies you see on our website have been verified by us.  They’re not of someone else and not several decades old!
      ◦     We always promptly follow-up with our Dazzling Clients and our Dazzling Ladies after a liaison to make sure the experience was a great one.  We take feedback seriously and always respond.
      ◦     We won’t waste time on time-wasters, but have all the time in the world for Dazzling Clients and prospective genuine clients.  Nervous about calling us – don’t be!  Unsure what experience you want – just ask us!
      ◦     We are in this business for the long-term and ethical businesses will always outlast the unethical ones.  We want first-time Clients to be long-term, repeat Dazzling Clients.  We know Clients won’t return if they have a bad experience – so we are all about ethics and integrity.

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