in order to assure you the best experience we highly recommend the following :


  1. Hygiene friendly : Please shower as late as possible before the start of your experience (just as you will expect a Dazzling Lady to be similarly groomed). We do not expect that our clients will have any difficulty whatsoever to be meticulously clean and groomed in order to embark upon your experience with one of our Dazzling Ladies.
  2. Our Dazzling Ladies will similarly present themselves in a manner consistent with providing a perfect and relaxed experience.
  3. Need suggestions or inspiration? Consider high quality Italian soaps (i.e. the scents of Santa Maria Novella’s soaps ). Dazzling Partners have also had extremely positive feedback regarding our clients who use Dior Eau Sauvage, Terre d’Hermès, Acqua di Parma, etc.
  4. Please also remember to brush your teeth and freshen up before any experience.
  5. All overnights must include pre-booked dinner reservation in a restaurant (as opposed to room service). If the client and the Dazzling Lady change their minds and mutually wish to stay in, then that’s just fine!
  6. Dazzling Escorts encourages adult behaviour reflecting the gentility of what would be socially expected in the best company. It has never happened, but please treat out Dazzling Ladies as such – always offer food over drink. Enjoy the experience and every aspect of it!
  7. Our clients never forget that they are hosting a Dazzling Lady and it is their happy responsibility to look after their guest.
  8. An overnight experience planned? No problem, but our Dazzling Ladies should be permitted to sleep after 2am and to be encouraged to enjoy a minimum of 5 hours uninterrupted sleep. In the morning it is polite to offer the Dazzling Lady breakfast!
  9. For travel bookings, the Dazzling Lady must be allowed and encouraged to have at least one full hour to go to the gym each morning and to have her own private time. Breakfast, lunch and dinner must be provided, of course. Your experience will be enhanced accordingly.
Please feel free to contact Eva if you have any questions regarding our etiquette guidelines. Indeed, we emphasize on providing you and our Dazzling Ladies the very best experience in order that you will both want to repeat!
With love,

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