We assure you that all photographs of the Dazzling Ladies are recent and accurately reflect the appearance of each Lady.

We are happy to meet the Lady for a first interview and to verify that they look exactly like their pictures.  If the Lady is not in London, other verification procedures are applied to ensure photos are accurate and current.   We also talk with every Lady to ensure they fit in with our approach as a high-class agency.  In this way, we make sure that they will be happy entertaining our Dazzling Clients and providing the Dazzling experience – which encourages our Clients to repeat the experience.

Every model has a private life and has to preserve it.

The Dazzling Ladies all set their own rate structures. Therefore, rate structures vary from one Dazzling Lady to another as they all provide different wonderful services in different dazzling ways. Rest assured that no matter the Lady’s rate, the services offered are high-class, delightful and elegant. We believe these attributes to be why our Dazzling Clients return time after time and are the keys to our Ladies’ success.

The easiest way to book a date with one of our Dazzling Ladies is to contact us on WhatsApp.

Alternatively, you can use our simple online booking form and choose your proposed date from our selection of Dazzling Ladies who are available, willing and ready to join you on whatever kind of date you’ve got in mind.

It is vital that you contact us well in advance. This gives us enough time to plan every detail of your meeting. We provide an exclusive and professional service and appreciate you helping us keep it that way. Please keep in mind that we prefer to handle your questions by WhatsApp or/and email. Therefore please use the contact form on this page or send us an email.

We always reply to emails as soon as we can (usually between 10 AM and 10 PM).
If you do not get a reply within a reasonable time, please check your spam or call us.
Once you have completed our screening process and are a valued Dazzling Partners client, you will need only to complete our booking form to request a booking with the Dazzling Lady of your choice.
Tel.+44(0) 7498 069 225

We apply a discreet and safe booking policy*

Please be aware that the Lady’s taxi expenses should kindly be reimbursed.

Unfortunately not. Please understand that the Dazzling Ladies have chosen to be represented by an agency and for that reason, we make all of the arrangements.

We prefer dealing with your requests by e-mail, send us your message on select@dazzlingpartners.com 

For Models that would like to register, they can do so at select@dazzlingpartners.com

In need of priority handling, call us on +44 7498 069225 and please note : our office hours are Mondays to Sundays, from 10AM to 8PM.

Yes. A 30 % deposit is necessary. For some bookings (i.e. travel assignments) a 30% deposit + travel expenses are required to secure your reservation.

*For all international bank transfers, we require receipt of the deposit at least five days prior to the booking. Where Clients wish to pay deposits in currencies other than GBP, a 4% handling fee on the deposit will apply reflecting additional bank and currency conversion charges.  All amounts regarding non-GBP currency transfers will be confirmed and agreed with the Client in advance.

A brief note about our rates:

A delightful 12-hr overnight booking includes a minimum of 5 hours sleep and a dinner date agreed between the Lady and the Client.

An overnight liaison is a shared, elegant experience and reflects a lower “per hour” rate than would be reflected in a more “standard” mid-day booking.   If the Client and the Lady wish to extend an overnight, then extra hours can certainly be added at the regular published rates.

An overnight booking is highly recommended as a delightful way to spend time with and get to know our amazing Dazzling Ladies.  And just imagine waking up in the morning to one (or more!) of these elegant beauties!  Our Dazzling Clients who choose to sample these dates understandably find themselves happily returning time and time again.

The Ladies based in places other than London are more than happy to come to London to meet our Clients and that is certainly an option.  To make it worthwhile and enhance the experience, we recommend longer dates in such circumstances and are happy to discuss suitable bespoke arrangements with our Dazzling Clients at the booking stage.


Our Dazzling Ladies are very happy to visit our Dazzling Clients at their private residences.

We always assume that the Dazzling Lady will find the residence clean, pristine and welcoming.  It is expected that the residence will be at least as clean and tidy as a four-star hotel.  If the Dazzling Client has any concerns or reservations about the condition of the residence, we recommend that the Dazzling Client meet the Lady in a suitable hotel room or suite to avoid disappointment.

Of course. When finalizing last minute details of your meeting, you will be given a cell phone number that will be available to you outside office hours.
Dazzling Partners complies with the laws in all applicable jurisdictions. A Lady’s current location at any given time does not mean or imply that she is accepting bookings in that jurisdiction – it will depend upon the circumstances of the booking. But in most cases all bookings are made in the United Kingdom and governed by the laws of the UK. Further, the Dazzling Ladies are all delighted to book time with our Dazzling Clients and nothing more than a remarkable time shared by elegant adults. Should anything further occur between those persons, it is entirely up to those persons and is completely consensual without additonal remuneration beyond the time for high standard companionship enjoyed. Dazzling Partners emphasises that it respects and complies with the laws and sensitivities of all applicable jurisdictions. Where FMTY arrangements are made, the laws of the United Kingdom will apply and the FMTY booking will be deemed to commence in the United Kingdom even if the Dazzling lady and Dazzling Client choose to travel and share time together in other places. Whatever travel may occur and whatever other countries may be visited is strictly based on mutual consent between the Dazzling Lady and the Dazzling Client.

Our ladies in London and internationally are available for fine lunches and/or dinner dates, mainstream upscale events, art galleries vernissages and weekend, holiday or business travel appointments. The Dazzling Ladies are available for social upscale events and can meet our Dazzling Clients’ expectations for any special, intimate or mainstream occasion.


Dazzling Partners strives to represent the finest Ladies available.  Whilst it is rare (perhaps once in the entire time we have been in business), sometimes a Lady and a Client simply do not “click”.  What happens then? 

If the Lady arrives and it is apparent in the first five minutes after meeting that there is no connection, you may call us immediately and terminate the meeting.  In that case, we will ask for details and be able to refund the Client’s deposit.  We will ask that the Client pay for the Lady’s taxi fare (as any gentleman would) but we do not wish any Client to feel obliged to continue with a less-than-hoped-for experience. 

If the Lady arrives and concludes that there is no connection, the same approach applies. 

If the Lady arrives and feels uncomfortable for good reason (including a Client who has not showered, is under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol, behaves in a manner which is anything less than a gentleman, proposes any activity which the Lady is uncomfortable with or asks the Lady to visit him in less-than-pristine accommodation) the Lady may cancel the booking and immediately leave.  In those circumstances, the deposit will be forfeited. 

We always strive to ensure the very best for our Dazzling Clients and Dazzling Ladies.  We invite you to discuss any of our policies with us in order to avoid disappointment. 

We ask you to introduce yourself briefly. We also ask that you express your wishes and preference. Please contact Eva for more information about screening details required e.g travel bookings.

Informing the lady about who she is going to meet and making sure your profiles are compatible is essential to us.

All standard bookings require a 30% deposit received at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of the booking.
*We are happy to accept bank transfers for all deposits.  
For non-standard, longer bookings and bookings involving travel, a 30% deposit plus all travel expenses are required to make the booking.  The entirety of the booking (in other words, the balance owed after receipt of the deposit plus travel expenses) must be received at least 48 hours prior to departure.

*As international payments can take up to five days to receive (but hopefully fewer), for all international bank transfers, we require receipt of the deposit at least five days prior to the booking. Where Clients wish to pay deposits in currencies other than GBP, up to a 5% handling fee will apply depending on the agreed foreign currency transferred reflecting additional bank and currency conversion charges.  All amounts regarding non-GBP currency transfers will be confirmed and agreed with the Client in advance.

A first phone call with you is essential to consider and approve you as a client of Dazzling Partners. This is made in order to facilitate your potential date with a Dazzling lady. 
This information is a prerequisite to becoming a Dazzling Partners client.

How unfortunate! Luckily, cancellations are free of charge up until 48 hours before your meeting. Should you have already sent us a deposit, it will be kept as a credit for your future booking.
Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be subject to a 40% cancellation fee which will be paid to the model as compensation.

Even more unfortunate, yet luckily very rare. But at the end of the day, We are all human and sometimes, unplanned things happen.

Should you have already sent us a deposit you can either choose to be refunded, or for us to keep it for you as credit for a future booking. Alternatively, we could always try to arrange a meeting for you with an alternative model.

Your wish is our command. Please let us know your will
And we will organise your best girl friend experience.

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