Elite International Escorts Based In London

Elite International Escorts

Want to be accompanied by one of our gorgeous international Dazzling Ladies on your business journey or for an amazing holiday?

Worldwide travel COmpanions

Those who have travelled with a Dazzling Lady know the joy and excitement that comes with the companionship of the finest companions. For those who have never done this – now is the time to experience it.

Imagine sharing marvellous locations with exquisite and dazzling company:

Intimate sunset encounters in your private plunge pool overlooking the turquoise waters, white sands and swaying palm tress in a tropical location.

Dancing the night away with your dazzling companion knowing the expectation of what awaits when you return to your suite as part of your urban adventure.

A morning of passion to warm you prior to heading out for a day of snow skiing and warming drinks in the local chalet with your Dazzling Lady after.

Focussing on business meetings knowing that a relaxed and delightful dinner with your dazzling companion awaits you after getting the hard work done.


A domestic get-away to a fine country hotel with relaxing time in your suite interspersed with educated and relaxed conversation and delightful walks in the countryside.

The elegance of travelling with a discrete and beautiful companion brings an extraordinary and perfect element to travel. If you have the time and the inclination, there has never been a better time to spread your wings and pamper yourself with a Dazzling Lady as your perfect travel companion.

Why Choose Our Travel Companions?

Our Dazzling Ladies are delighted to accompany our gentleman clients on their travels. They are also perfectly positioned to meet the expectations of our clients and provide the perfect and discrete companionship for both near and far getaways.

Tell us your perfect plan for proposed travel and Dazzling Partners will do what we need to do to ensure you are coupled with the Dazzling Lady who will fit your plan and meet or exceed expectations.

Be it a needed escape to warm beaches, sunny ski hills, energetic urban environments or a quiet hotel in the country, we can help make it all happen for you. We also assist in your planning to ensure that your Dazzling Lady will be the best travel experience available.

Our Dazzling Ladies will always be considerate, kind, discrete, elegant and energetic (at the appropriate times and places, of course!). In short, effortless companionship without worry or concern.

VIP Travel Companions

Have passport, will travel! All of the Dazzling Ladies are available for international travel. They are also up to date on travel requirements to many countries. Depending on your Dazzling Lady, they may also be able to act as seasoned guides to the destination and have an excellent command of the local language(s). More than that, they also ensure and exciting and sensual time upon arrival.

All of our Dazzling Ladies have significant travel experience and, as you know, all of University-level education as well as significance world experience. Some will be able to tackle a ski slope with ease whilst others will feel right at home donning scuba gear and descending with you beneath the waves. Some of our Dazzling Ladies can do all of that – and more!

Scroll through our ladies and let your mind envisage the exquisite companionship of one of them on your travel. Then let’s stop dreaming about it and make it happen.

How to book

Please contact us well in advance regarding booking. Let us know your desires and perfect scenario for your perfect trip. If you can be as descriptive as possible regarding what you want, we can more easily make your desires the reality. Then the planning begins to provide you with the best travel experience you will ever have known. And keep you coming back to Dazzling Partners for more!

It is vital to contact us at least 24 hours beforehand to plan your date with a Dazzling lady*

We  are happy to provide outcall dates only*

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