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"A girl should be two things : classy and fabulous."
Gabrielle Chanel, (1883-1971)

 Add a touch of class and sophistication to your experience with a Dazzling Lady who, if you wish, will have heads turning in public and hearts racing in private.

If you desire a stunning, sophisticated brunette on your arm whilst you frequent London’s fine dining locations or five-star boutique stores and hotels, then you have found the right place.  We can also meet your needs internationally. At Dazzling Partners, we know that we have a match for you.

Our lovely brunette escorts match every fine taste.

We are happy to help you find a slim and athletic Lady or a beautifully curvaceous Lady. Whether you’re looking for tanned and exotic, Mediterranean or creamy olive skin, our brunette escorts will dazzle you with their style, sophistication and sensuality.

Whatever evening you have in mind, our brunette escorts are here and waiting for you to take them out so they can help you have the best time.

Dazzling Partners have a reputation for providing elite Ladies and all of our Dazzling Ladies has been carefully selected to provide our valued Dazzling Clients with experiences they won’t forget.

Our Dazzling Ladies are happy to accompany you on an expensive shopping experience and are always grateful when it comes to gifts. But the shopping can be for you and they aren’t accompanying you just for a delightful gift – they are enhancing whatever activity it is that you have in mind.  And our Dazzling Clients agree.  Our Dazzling Ladies are perfect companions on business trips, weekends away in the countryside or for those quiet (and not-so-quiet) nights when you don’t want to dine alone.  Our brunette escorts offer true companionship and sensual satisfaction for whatever you may have in mind.


All our brunette escorts are ready and waiting to provide give you with a memorable experience and most of our Dazzling Ladies are sought after by our Dazzling Clients for repeat liaisons so our Dazzling Clients are happy to book in advance and then look forward to their meeting!

Because all of our Dazzling Clients are screened and are as sophisticated and well-mannered as our Ladies, we are happy to have attracted the finest London escorts who know that they will be treated in the way they deserve.  All of our Dazzling Clients have reviewed our etiquette guidelines and happily have no problem adhering to them.  Accordingly, both our Dazzling Clients and Dazzling Escorts have the very best experiences together.

It is vital to contact us well in advance to plan a date with a Dazzling lady.* 

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Nicole | Sydney

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