4 reasons why I became a London Escort…


The wonderful thing I discovered when I decided to escort is that I would enjoy every single minute of my time – with real gentlemen.

I am Eva, and this is my short history about how I decided to dip my toes into the magical world of escorting.

A few years ago, I returned home to Western Europe from a fantastic expat life on another continent.  It was time for a radical change and I gave up the house, the swimming pool and all that went with them. (1)

So I came back home and didn’t look back.

Being attractive (no apologies), one receives a great deal of attention.  Sometimes welcome and other times unwanted.  I did not find anyone that attracted or inspired me despite the suitors I encountered.  But I was not prepared to become a nun! (2)

One day I met a lovely acquaintance who explained to me about escorting.  Immediately, I was intrigued and it sounded like a nice, safe and wonderful vocation.  My friend was classy, sexy, happy, gorgeous and clever.  If she could do it, why couldn’t I? (3)

She inspired me so much.  And I was open to adventure.

My friend asked me if I was interested in joining her escort team.  A prerequisite to that was to have a nice photoshoot.  It was a big step and so I asked her to let me think about it.  After careful consideration, I jumped in. (4)

After a short time in Europe, pursuing my education beckoned – which required a move to London.  So I packed my things and made my way to the UK to continue with my University – and more!

I arrived in London and started my new master’s degree but there was always a drawback to escorting.  I knew I could do both and was lucky enough to find a wonderful agency.  The agency was professional and considerate.  It had very clever ladies on its roster and prioritised safety and care for them.  What a great experience.

After a period of time, I wanted to accept the challenge and start my own agency with the skills and knowledge I had acquired.  Onwards and upwards!  Dazzling Partners was born.

The best thing about escorting is the enjoyment minute after minute.  New people are met and time and happiness is shared – nothing else.  The sensuality is here and the experiences are extraordinary because the gentlemen are carefully screened.  Only genuine, respectful and kind gentlemen find a place as clients of Dazzling Partners.  And that is a win-win.

Even though I was busy at University, Escorting helped me realise how much I missed art.  I also found out that educated, scholarly, talented and genuine gentlemen were hiring escorts and were capable of providing me with the stimulation (intellectual and otherwise) that I desired.  Dinners. Cinema. Fine art galleries (the ones that house the real masters). Classical Plays.  The Opera (smiling in the breeze as I enjoy an open-air, comic Opera).

Fine hotels.  Travel with respectful and true gentlemen. The things I cherish.  What more could a lady ask for?

So the life of escorting, coupled with my education, gave me fulfilment, financial security and I was learning in my studies and from these fine gentlemen.  It was a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.  It worked for me and it worked for the gents.

Thanks to escorting, I feel more confident today.  Not only because of the money, but also because of the kindness and stimulation I receive from the business.

I am reminded of a quote from Gabrielle Chanel: “The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.”

I decided to enjoy the free things in life, but also enjoy being expensive (but not very expensive).

And so I see the good in it. And I keep on seeing the good in it with Dazzling Partners.

And we are just as particular regarding our choice of Dazzling Ladies as we are with our clients.  This is a joyful endeavour.  I encourage you to come and experience it.

Yours sincerely,


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