How to seduce a Dazzling Lady at the Louvre

Have you ever dreamed of a French escape with a beautiful French escort in the heart of the Parisian city? We’re sure you have, but if you haven’t then read on!

Your schedule gives you an opportunity to escape to Paris for a long weekend. But even long weekends go fast so you don’t wish to waste time and make the most of it.  Part of that includes enjoying quality time with a true beauty.  You want to have a happy and exciting time and want to share the same thing with her! What a great idea! So you contact Dazzling Partners to make it happen.  And we are here to help to give you exactly what you want!

Your selection of amazing Dazzling Lady and a quick flight to Paris and – voilà! It all is happening for you.

A great stop with your Dazzling Lady – The Louvre museum. A great place to bring a wonderful lady. Why? Because amongst other things, it is full of erotic paintings. What a great opportunity to peruse them with your Dazzling Lady and discretely converse about which ones you each like – and perhaps which ones inspire you both.

Yes – a great place in romantic Paris to add even more sexual and sensual inspiration.

Our tips to elegantly raise the sexual heat:

First, ask her if she wants to have a tour with you before the crowd arrives… and suggest that after the Louvre tour together, you will go to that secret hotel and enjoy a wonderful afternoon together. 

Get her attention by enjoying the nude paintings together.  Ask her which ones she likes.  Which ones she would have liked to model for.  What might have happened before and after the painting session.  Listen to her answers and take her cues – and then add your own.  The sexual tension for both of you will inevitably increase and the heat will rise despite the air conditioned galleries.  You may notice a slight blush in her cheeks and a little different way she stands next to you.  Sexual chemistry in the museum!  

It is a good approach to invite the Lady to enjoy a nice afternoon like the most powerful and elegant courtesans used to do – and still do!

After the museum, perhaps a trip to the hotel’s fine, discrete restaurant.  And the heat continues because in Paris every beauty can wear a classy, sexy dress stylishly worn as the French ladies love to wear their dresses.  And after lunch, when you make your way back to your room, you will experience how your elegant Dazzling Lady removes her sexy dress!  You will agree that going to Paris with a Dazzling Lady is always the right choice. 

At Dazzling Partners, we delight in matching the finest gentlemen with the finest Ladies because we have made every effort to find the finest escorts available – whether they are a London escort or an international escort – we are the high-end elite escort agency to satisfy your dreams.

So why not make Le Louvre a sensual stop on your next trip to Paris and enjoy it in a unique and sensual way with a Dazzling Lady accompanying you?  You will never regret that decision!

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