Behind Doha’s finest dates

Qataris generally love Western European ladies.  That is why we give you all the secrets to invite a French-speaking brunette, or an English-speaking blonde, or a German-speaking red head or a Spanish-speaking … you get the idea!  All of our Ladies are ready to fly for international appointments. And so many of our Dazzling Ladies would love flying to meet our Dazzling Clients in Doha, Qatar.

In our experience, our Dazzling Ladies have had some of the finest journeys in Doha.  The luxury of the Qatari lifestyle equals or exceeds that of so many fine world-class cities and so we offer our best advice to enjoy time with one (or more) of our Dazzling Ladies exploring Doha’s cultural institutions, luxurious buildings and sports facilities. Experience Doha’s finest lunch or dinner venues and of course luxuriate in one of Doha’s extraordinary hotels. Why not invite your Dazzling Lady to try Qatar for a long weekend or even a week!

Doha is one of the great places to be in Qatar for high-class Dazzling Ladies wishing to spice up their lives and enjoy a wonderful, lavish and discreet liaison. 

We have listed below the best events and places that are going to make your luxurious, international adventure a wonder!

Arts in Doha 

If you are interested in Persian history, modern art, contemporary art, just go and see and get inspired in the NMOQ – the National Museum of Qatar.  Imagined by the French architect, Jean Novel, the museum will happily welcome you and your gorgeous Dazzling Lady who might be wearing a wonderful tailored suit and elegant handbag.   How extraordinarily sexy wearing chic clothes which only hint at later delights. Only you will know her sexy undergarments (if any!) as you try to keep your mind on your architectural and artistic visit. 


All sports are good but with your Dazzling Lady you will be drawn to team sports!  Bedroom athletics will be at the top of the league when you invite your elegant Lady to your suite after a day out. So if sport is your thing, why not enjoy a day of tennis, football, horse racing, cricket, swimming or camel racing and then let the sports continue in a very personal way back in your suite. 

Why not make plans and invite a Dazzling Lady to accompany you to the greatness of the upcoming FIFA world cup in Qatar at this end of 2022?  Not that you need an excuse – but that’s a pretty great one! 

Luxurious shopping

Our Dazzling Ladies are always discrete and appropriate and never forget that wearing a humble and simple attire when in public area in Doha is mandatory.  Our Dazzling Ladies always respect the rules – at least until they comfortably are behind closed doors. Gabrielle Chanel used to design the best garments for ladies and designed beautiful and elegant outfits for them.  Why not invite your Dazzling Lady to the Chanel store in Doha and both discover Chanel in another environment. 

Did you know that the lovely Parisian Galeries Lafayette exists in the Qatari capital?  Why not experience these French delights with the Dazzling Lady of your choice – many of whom speak fluent French in addition to the international language of love. 

The Gold Souq

Do you like gold finds?  Do you like unexpected discoveries? Are you interested in gold – or perhaps pearls?  Then visit the Souk Waqif with your Dazzling Lady and spoil her or yourself with a wonderful genuine gold or pearl gift.  All accompanied by the extraordinary beauty of a Dazzling Lady!

Three fine restaurants in Doha

La Veranda. A view of the sea and fine and delicious Italian cuisine in the heart of the Persian city!  What a good idea to enjoy a sea and skyline view with your favourite Dazzling Lady.

Benjarong Doha. Enjoy a smart dinner date iEnjoy a smart dinner date in this luxurious Thai restaurant in the 5-star Dusit hotel.

Our third choice for a wonderful Persian lunch or dinner date is the delightful Parisa Al Messila where you will be welcomed for a dinner under the stars. What a modern, elegant place to invite your Dazzling Lady. A hidden gem open for lunch and dinner. Enjoy one of Doha’s finest restaurants…

And perhaps a stay at the Al Messila hotel resort for the night, or stay even longer…

Ps. We also recommend you some beach walks at dusk for the most romantic time with you Ps. We also recommend you take some beach walks at dusk for the start of a most romantic time with your Dazzling Lady.

Dazzling Partners would be happy to organise your travel experience from A to Z.  Just contact Eva – she will take care of your finest wishes. Our Dazzling Ladies are always more than delighted to come to Middle East to accompany and pamper our fine Dazzling Clients! 

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