Statuesque Australian lady.

Available in Australia and Worldwide

Age: 45
Height: 1.78 cm
Dress size: 8-10
Hair colour: blonde
Eyes colour: green
Nationality: Australian
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Languages: English

ABOUT Serena

“My big fantasy? Marrying a powerful and sexy alpha male.”

A woman with a capital W. A woman with a kind of maturity that is almost too sexy to be true. Who would not be excited to turn 40 if you could look half as good as Serena?

A blond beauty that reminds of Charlize Theron…. Just saying.

Class, with a hint of nonchalance and really, has that “something” that appeals to the males!

Serena reflects the wanderlust herself – reflecting a truly strong and ultra-sweet personality.

Intuition and sex appeal apply here. Serena is happy to only accept dates with the finest gentlemen. That is why we are so proud to welcome Serena here at Dazzling Partners. Kindness, happiness, love of life and love of herself – that is what Dazzling Partners is all about.

Serena's Stats

Orientation: Straight (and Bi in right circumstance)
Vital stats: 34DD, Enhanced
Lingerie designer(s): Kiki de Montparnasse, Honey Birdette, AP
Shoe designer(s): Chanel, Louboutin
Alternative gifts idea: Bvlgari
Food mood: Caviar and blinis
Drinks: Champagne. Martini. Fresh OJ. Latte

A lady that loves herself. That matters and makes her date even happier.
Her Serenissima Serena is not a woman like the others. So, come closer… Double S for sexy and sporty, the perfect combination regarding a woman who enjoys the wonderful world of escorting: “I am an elegant lady in my 40’s and I live an adventurous life. I enjoy running and the gym to keep fit. I can snowboard and swim very well. I adore travel and the company of men.”

And the cherry on the cake is that our lady is not only beautiful and extremely feminine but is also a little whimsical – which makes for great company. Serena is as reliable as she is discreet. We welcome our new statuesque Australian wonder… Contact us to meet this adventurous lady… You will be dating a designer’s supermodel with a brain and more sensuality than you have ever dared to imagine.



What is your activity? I have my own corporate branded gifts company in Australia.

What is your mega fantasy? Marrying a powerful and sexy alpha male

Your star sign? Leo with a Scorpio moon.

What brought you to Dazzling Partners (to the entertainment business)? You approached me! I liked what I saw and the timing was right.

Your date wants to bring you on a long romantic holiday weekend and you can choose the destination, which one do you pick? Date me, I will tell you a secret place I would love to go with you…

Ski resort or beach resort? Oh – a beach indulgence ranks slightly higher than ski – but I do enjoy snowboarding.

What is your favourite book? Shantaram. The Shipping News. Short stories by Anton Chekhov

Favourite quote? One original thought is worth a thousand mindless quotings Diogenes Laertius

If you could have sex anywhere in the world, right now, where would it be? Vegas

You have the choice to be an iconic sexy female figure for one day until midnight. Which beauty would you be? Brigitte Bardot

What makes you a Rockstar in your escort activity? In what particular field do you excel? The long lunch date. I have been told I give off an intoxicating sex appeal and I am very good at flirting over a Martini. It is all in the eye contact, and by the time we get back to the room, it is a scene from a movie where we are ripping off each other’s clothes and embracing in a passionate kiss.

Favourite car model? Bentley

What could be the perfect reason why a gentleman would be very lucky to have chosen to date you? My life experience and I am passionate and engaging.

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